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DATATOOL motorbike and ATV Alarms, Immobilisers and Trackers

Datatool offer state-of-the-art motorbike security including self-fit motorbike alarms, as well as Thatcham approved devices.

The alarms and immobilisers are built to a high standard and offer you peace of mind that your bike is protected at all times.
For Thatcham approved devices, you will need to book a fitting.

Datatool has met rigorous Thatcham test requirements to meet their Thatcham Security Criteria (TSC) in vehicle tracking system approval. This will cater for any insurance company TSC tracking system requirement.

Since 2009, Datatool has been a brand of Scorpion Automotive Ltd, the UK’s leading supplier and manufacturer of vehicle security alarm systems and mobile communication interfaces for passenger cars and both light and heavy commercial vehicles

All models are available for fitting at our Bristol or Westbury depot. mobile fitting available - price dependent on location.

Datatool Evo Self Fit Alarm System

The Datatool Evo is an easy to fit alarm system designed for motorcycles and scooters with a 12v battery. Using a sophisticated movement sensor, the Datatool Evo constantly monitors for signs of unauthorised movement, triggering the loud integrated siren when the movement exceeds the permitted level.

The movement sensor can be adjusted via the remote control to one of three levels to customise the alarm to your preference.

The Datatool Evo also monitors the battery voltage, triggering the alarm if the voltage rises suddenly indicating the engine has been started and also provides visual notification of a low battery by reducing the flash rate of the deterrent LED.

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Datatool Evo


Arm/Disarm Tones

Panic Mode

Automatic Rearm

Transport Mode

Alarm Diagnostics

Optional Seat Switch

The Datatool Evo Plus Alarm/Single Circuit Immobiliser

The Datatool Evo Plus is a combined alarm/single circuit immobiliser system designed for motorcycles and scooters with a 12v battery.

The Datatool Evo Plus utilises a sophisticated movement sensor to monitor the vehicle for signs of unauthorised movement as well as providing hotwire/forced ignition protection and under seat storage protection via a magnetic seat switch.

Designed for installation either by a competent home mechanic or at our Bristol or Westbury depot. mobile fitting is also available - price dependent on location.
The Datatool Evo Plus provides an increased level of security over a standalone alarm.

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 Datatool Evo Plus


Arm/Disarm Tones

Panic Mode

Automatic Rearm

Transport Mode

Alarm Diagnostics

Adjustable Sensitivity

PIN Override

Bike Finder

Arm/Disarm Tones

Storage Mode

Battery Voltage Monitoring

Datatool Stealth S5 Tracker

DATATOOL STEALTH S5 is supplied with Rider ID tags that deliver a significant security enhancement from the original TrakKING Adventure product.

As soon as the ignition is switched off, Stealth S5 creates an invisible geo-fence around your bike and starts monitoring for signs of unauthorised movement.
If the unit detects movement within the geo-fence the (optional) early warning movement text will be triggered, informing you of a potential theft event.

If your bike is subsequently removed from the geo-fenced area without the Rider ID tags present, Stealth S5 will enter alert mode, notifying the 24/7/365 monitoring centre, who will in turn contact you immediately to verify the cause of the alert. If you confirm your bike is stolen, the monitoring team will liaise with the police to aid recovery.

DATATOOL tracker motorbikes

DATATOOL Stealth App

The DATATOOL mobile app allows you to remotely access and manage security, safety and convenience features including:

Vehicle location and status updates
Enable and disable multiple alert types
Activate and deactivate privacy mode
Touch ID or Pin Code Log-in
Account management and preferences
Select transport or garage modes

Subscription pricing data tool
Unit and fitting cost £359 inc VAT
Subscription Prices (inc VAT)
Monthly Subscription £12.49
1 year Subscription £119
2 years Subscription £219

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