Night Heater

Auxiliary vehicle night heaters, often referred to as parking heaters or cabin heaters, are devices designed to provide warmth and comfort in vehicles during cold weather, particularly when the engine is not running.

These heaters are commonly used in various types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses, RVs, and boats, to preheat the interior, defrost windows, and keep occupants warm without idling the engine.
We can Supply and Fit all leading makes of Vehicle auxiliary heating systems for example Webasto and Eberspacher.

Our Mobile technicians are trained and have the necessary equipment for the diagnostics and fault-finding on the leading brands of auxiliary heating systems, whilst our Westbury Depots has the facilities to repair and overhaul most makes of heating systems.

Types Of Night Heater

Diesel Heaters

Diesel parking heaters draw fuel from the main diesel tank and through a burner/heat exchanger under the vehicle, they duct hot air into the vehicle. They work independently from the main engine.

The main brands are Webasto and Eberspacher with other notable brands such as Planar, Airo and Truma

Propane Heaters

Similar to diesel systems but need a fuel supply via disposable canisters or refillable propane tank A propane heater will draw fresh outside air in, heat it, then blow the warm air throughout the cabin of your vehicle The main brands are Webasto and Eberspacher with other notable brands Propex

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