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Get your Vehicle MOT ready with BAE - Vehicle Accessories

Is your MOT due this month?

Get your Vehicle MOT ready with BAE – Vehicle Accessories.

Contact us today for more information, and if you need help with any of the following:

Your horn needs to be working, as does the windscreen washers and wipers. The screen wash must be topped up. Make sure the rubber blades on the windscreen wipers don’t have any chunks missing from the wiping edge or loose strips. If they do, replacements are easy to source contact us TODAY! 0117 9712242

The seat belts must work properly and not be frayed or cut. Pull sharply on the belt and the inertia reel should lock. The mountings must be secure, and the belts should be free from damage as well as engaging and disengaging cleanly.

Lighting is one of the most frequent failure points, therefore check: All exterior bulbs are working. Each light’s lens is free of cracks or damage. Headlights (both dipped and main beam), front and rear side lights, stop lights, reversing lights, front and rear fog lights and all indicators plus number plate lights.

Finally, mirrors should be securely fixed and the glass in good condition.